Collection of Spring Batch Examples
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Spring Batch Examples

Collection of Spring Batch Examples.

Why ?

Spring Batch Examples exist, because i needed a central place to store the source code of my own examples collection. Instead of the usual private Subversion repository i wanted to give Github a try.

To further simplify it, all work is under Apache 2.0 license (see license wiki page for more details), fork it, use it, bend it and if you find a bug or improvement, do not hesitate to push a patch.

What ?

The Examples are described in the wiki

General Informations

All Spring Batch Examples:

  • are individual maven projects, the pom.xml in the root directory is only for a convenient build all feature
  • are tested with:
    • Spring Batch 2.1.8.RELEASE
    • Spring Framework 3.0.6.RELEASE
  • are provided "as is", no guarantees :-)
  • work with in-memory database, but not with in-memory jobrepository, since the MapJobRepository is threadsafe i could use it, but why break a standard configuration ?
  • for the general Maven, Spring and Database setup see the project setup wiki page.


Apache 2.0 see license wiki page for more details