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Spring Batch Toolkit

This toolkit provides additional features to Spring Batch.


  • Tasklet used to delete data from Spring Batch Metadata tables that are N months old.

Quick Start

Download the jar though Maven:

  <name>Java & Moi Maven RELEASE Repository</name>


Contributing to Spring Batch Tookit

  • Github is for social coding platform: if you want to write code, we encourage contributions through pull requests from forks of this repository. If you want to contribute code this way, please reference a GitHub ticket as well covering the specific issue you are addressing.

Development environment installation

Download the code with git: git clone git://

Compile the code with maven: mvn clean install

If you're using an IDE that supports Maven-based projects (InteliJ Idea, Netbeans or m2Eclipse), you can import the project directly from its POM. Otherwise, generate IDE metadata with the related IDE maven plugin: mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse


  • Uses Maven as a build tool
  • Uses Cloudbees for continuous integration builds whenever code is pushed into GitHub