Script and associated files for building avr-gcc and related tools on Mac OS X with Xcode 4
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CrossPack for AVR Development is a development environment for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers running on Apple's OS X, similar to AVR Studio on Windows. It consists of the GNU compiler suite, a C library for the AVR, the AVRDUDE downloader and several other useful tools.

This repository contains a shell script which downloads the source code of all required packages, compiles them, builds an installer package and wraps it into a disk image, ready for distribution. It also contains resources such as a project template, manual etc.


  • Xcode 5. It probably also works with Xcode 4.4 and newer versions of Xcode.


After installing Xcode, simply run



./ debug

in the root directory of the project. You may want to edit some options in the script before running it, e.g. the version of CrossPack-AVR or versions of packages downloaded and compiled. The user who runs the script needs write permissions to the directory /usr/local.

The resulting disk image can be found in /tmp.

The build procedure preserves all downloaded packages. If you want to remove them in order to save disk space, run