Command-line tools for interacting with Amazon Web Services, based on Boto.
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Command-line tools for interacting with Amazon Web Services, based on Boto.

Currently included are:

  • s3-put: Upload file(s) to S3. Built to replace Boto's s3put command, allowing placement of files inside directories within buckets. Also allows recursive upload of entire directories.

  • s3-geturl: Outputs signed (authenticated) S3 urls to objects which expire after a specified time

  • s3-copy: Copy objects within (or between) S3 buckets

  • ses-send-email: Send an email via SES. Replacement for the script provided by Amazon, which is a (ahem) a total nightmare to get running; and installing unpackaged source code manually just makes me uncomfortable.

    This tool supports the interface necessary to submit raw mail only; that is, you will have to give the script a raw email as input over stdin. This means it is ideally suited to use along a pipeline, for instance as a mail transport under Postfix (using PIPE)

  • ses-verify-email-address: Manage verified SES email addresses. Pretty much a drop-in replacement for the tool provided by Amazon in the SES developer tools.

  • cloudwatch-put-metric: Put metric data to CloudWatch

All scripts are made to parse a credentials file, which will be in the same format as that expected by some AWS tools. Details here. By default, this is expected to be available at /etc/aws-credentials.txt, but can be overridden by passing the path to your credentials file with -k.