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Shiny Updates Build Status Code Climate

Removes the ugly bits of updating WordPress, plugins, themes and such.


  1. Download Shiny Updates.
  2. Unzip the folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.


We need help testing the user flows! Please install the Shiny Updates plugin, run the tests below, and share your feedback in the #feature-shinyupdates channel in Slack or create an issue on GitHub.

Update core

  1. If you have any themes or plugins that need updating, update them. If you don't have any that need updating, you can edit the them and change the version number to something older. Once saved, they will show as needing an update.
  2. Update one specific item, a theme or a plugin.
  3. Try updating all items in the table.
  4. Share your feedback. Or if you found a bug, create an issue on GitHub.


  1. What were the noticeable differences in the new install/update/activate/delete process compared to the old one without Shiny Updates?
  2. How did installing and activating a plugin or theme go? Was it difficult or easy? Was it faster or slower than expected?
  3. Do you have any further comments or suggestions?

Running the Unit Tests

While working on Shiny Updates, please make sure to always have Grunt in watch mode. You'll be notified immediately about failing test cases and code style errors, minimizing the amount of cleanup we will have to do when we prepare to merge this Feature Plugin into WordPress Core.

Make sure you have the necessary dependencies:

npm install
composer install

Start grunt watch or npm start to auto-build Shiny Updates as you work:

grunt watch


Hide the ugly parts of updating WordPress.



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