Hudson build job configuration for local Tycho builds
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Hudson job configuration for local builds of Tycho

I. Introduction

The Hudson build jobs in this git repository can be used to build Tycho 
locally. They fetch the Tycho sources from your local copy of the Tycho git 
repository. With this setup, you can run the Tycho integration tests on local 
changes, while continuing to work in your local copy of the Tycho sources. This 
is in particular useful for the output qualification of patches.

II. Prerequisites

A Hudson 2.1.0 (or later) installation with the following plug-ins
- Hudson Git Plugin 2.1.0 or later
- Hudson Parameterized Trigger Plugin 2.4 or later

A local copy of the Tycho git repository (see [1]).

III. Setup

1. Clone this git repository into the jobs/ directory of your HUDSON_HOME 
   directory. Alternatively, you can clone the repository to any other 
   location and create symbolic link to each of the job folders. (Make sure to 
   give the links the same name as the link targets.) Restart your Hudson - the 
   jobs should now show up.

2. In the Hudson configuration UI, define the following environment variables:
     TYCHO_TEST_TARGET_PLATFORM  as the path to a directory containing an 
       Eclipse SDK 3.7.0 plus delta pack
     TYCHO_TEST_SETTINGS  as the path to the settings.xml to be used for the 
       integration tests. If unsure, use your normal settings.xml.

3. In each of the job folders, create a symbolic link called "source-link" 
   pointing to your local copy of the Tycho git repository. (Windows user 
   need to use mklink [2] from a command prompt with administrator 

4. Run the job Tycho_Build.

IV. Troubleshooting

- "ERROR: Error cloning remote repo 'origin' : Could not clone ../source-link/"
  On my Windows machine, git clone seems to fail in combination with the 
  linked directory. The following workaround worked for me: Open a Cygwin 
  shell, change to the job workspace directory (e.g. Tycho_Build/workspace/), 
  and run git fetch. After this, the Hudson Git Plugin should work as expected.