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Oberon Client

Frontend client for Oberon chat built in React and Redux


Development Environment

The Oberon chat client requires the following packages to be installed:

  • Node >= 6

Then install global packages:

npm --global install node-sass yarn

Install local packages:

yarn install

Development Server

To start the Oberon chat client:

  1. Create a .env file. Use the example file as a starting point: cp .env.example .env.

  2. (Optional) Update values in .env to match the development environment.

  3. Start the client server yarn start.

  4. To ensure client authentication works correctly, configure a DNS service to route traffic from localhost:4030 to We recommend using puma-dev.

Note: the client can also be run as a desktop application using yarn electron.

Desktop Application

To run the desktop application use yarn electron.

Portable Application

To run the portable development server run PORT=7030 yarn portable.

Note: In order to run the server a production build must be generated using yarn build.