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Could this be something for me?

If you are not using devpi to test, share and store packages and test results you can probably stop reading now.

devpi-cloud-test provides a dct cli tool that manipulates repositories which in turn trigger CI tests of packages from your devpi index on CI services like Travis CI and Appveyor.

To make it clear: it triggers tests for the package hosted on devpi that you configured in the repository - not the source code in that repository.

This is just a thin convenience wrapper around a nifty idea by @nicoddemus.

How it works

Install this small cli tool (not yet on pypi):

$ pip install git+git://

To create a new cloud test repo you can get started by creating the necessary files in a directory devpi-cloud-test-<package name> by calling

$ dct create <package name>

e.g. if you are in ~/home/work and call dct create tuxy a directory devpi-cloud-test-tuxy is created with the necessary templates and dct.ini prepopulated with the package name. You could also pass devpi user and index right as part of the call or add them later to dct.ini.

Create a new repo on Github or wherever you push to and add it as origin to the new repository.

Activate the CI services that are used in the test repo (e.g. Travis and Appveyor).

Copy the appropriate CI badge codes into tpl/

$ cd </path/to/your/dct/repo>
$ dct trigger <version>  # version of package on devpi

sample output:

dct trigger 2.6.1

INFO:dct:## rendered tpl/ ##
# Results for [tox==2.6.1](

[![Build Status](](

[![Build status](](

Test triggered at: Thu Mar 16 20:50:14 2017

## -> ##

INFO:dct:## rendered tpl/appveyor.yml ##
  - echo Installed Pythons
  - dir c:\Python*
  - choco install python.pypy > pypy-inst.log 2>&1 || (type pypy-inst.log & exit /b 1)
  - set PATH=C:\tools\pypy\pypy;%PATH% # so tox can find pypy
  - echo PyPy installed
  - pypy --version
  - C:\Python36\python -m pip install devpi
build: false  # Not a C# project, build stuff at the test step instead.
  - C:\Python36\python -m devpi use
  - C:\Python36\python -m devpi test tox==2.6.1

## -> appveyor.yml ##

INFO:dct:## rendered tpl/.travis.yml ##
sudo: false
language: python
  - 3.5
install: "pip install -U devpi"
  - devpi use
  - devpi test tox==2.6.1

## -> .travis.yml ##

INFO:dct:triggered test by pushing /home/oliver/Dropbox/projects/tox/devpi-cloud-test-tox

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