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Disclaimer: this is a tool aimed at users who already know how the configuration of i3 works (as described in the excellent docs). i3configger is an independent add-on, not directly affiliated with the project and in no way necessary to use i3 productively.

NOTE using i3configger will replace your existing config files (configs and optional status bar configs), but it will move them to <original-name>.bak if no backup exists yet, so that you can easily revert the damage if you want to go back to your old files.


I3 already has a very nice and simple configuration system. i3configger makes it a bit more malleable and making dynamic changes possible that would otherwise make it necessary to change the configuration by hand.


Main characteristics

  • command line oriented
  • uses same configuration language as i3 with the added possibility to spread it over several files and assign variables to variables
  • additional configuration of i3configger itself and persistence of changes to the i3 configuration is achieved by sprinkling a bit of json on top of the config files.

Usage example

Here's a snippet from a config that uses a mode to alter itself by sending messages to i3configger:

set $i3cBin ~/.virtualenvs/i3/bin/i3configger

bindsym $win+w mode "i3configger"
mode "i3configger" {
    bindsym Right exec "$i3cBin select-next colors --i3-refresh-msg restart"
    bindsym Left exec "$i3cBin select-previous colors --i3-refresh-msg restart"
    bindsym Up exec "$i3cBin shadow bars:targets:laptop:mode dock"
    bindsym Down exec "$i3cBin shadow bars:targets:laptop:mode hide"
    bindsym Return mode "default"
    bindsym Escape mode "default"

Explanation of the messages used:

  • select[...] integrates different config partials and can therefore make broad changes. In this case for example there are different colors.<value>.conf partials that activate different color schemes
  • shadow adds an overlay that in this case changes the mode of the laptop bar between hide and dock


You can switch between alternative sub configurations (e.g. different color schemes) that conform with a simple naming convention (config.d/<key>.<value1>.conf, config.d/<key>.<value2>.conf, etc.) by invoking e.g. i3configger select-next <key> or i3configger select <key> <value2>.

You can change any variable you have defined in the configuration by invoking i3configger set <variable name> <new value>.

This is realized by adding a build step that can be triggered by calling i3configger directly or by running it as a watcher process that automatically rebuilds and reloads when source files change or messages are sent.

To get an idea how this works, have a look at the examples and read the docs.

see i3configger docs for a detailed explanation of the concept and other possible commands.


$ pip install i3configger

See docs For more details and different ways of installation.