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import logging
import sys
from statistics import mean
from timeit import timeit
import fire
from mau_mau import rules, play
from mau_mau.constants import LOG
log = logging.getLogger()
class Statistics:
def turns(self, players=3, reps=1000):
"""calculate mean turns for <reps> games of <players>"""
games = self._simulate_games(players, reps)"mean turns played: %s", mean([g.turns for g in games]))
def winners(self, players=('Eric', 'Terry', 'John'), reps=1000):
"""calculate winner distribution for <reps> <players>"""
games = self._simulate_games(players, reps)
wc = {}
# not optimal but premature optimization is the root of all evil ...
for name in players:
wc[name] = len([g for g in games if == name])"winner distribution: %s", wc)
def durations(self, reps=1000):
"""calculate durations for <reps> games"""
timing = timeit(
setup="from import play_game;"
"from mau_mau.rules import MauMau;"
"mmRules = MauMau()",
stmt="play_game(mmRules, 3)",
number=reps)"it takes %0.3f seconds to play %s games", timing, reps)
def _simulate_games(self, players, reps):"players: %s; %s reps", players, reps)
mmRules = rules.MauMau()
games = []
for i in range(reps):
game = play.play_game(mmRules, players)
return games
def main():
logging.basicConfig(format=LOG.FMT, level=logging.INFO)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
log.error("\nfatal: lost game by chickening out!")