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skipsdist = True
envlist = static,tests
addopts = -rfEsxXw --strict --showlocals
envdir = {toxworkdir}/shared
usedevelop = False
description = run static tests using flake8
deps = flake8
commands = flake8 {toxinidir}/mau_mau {toxinidir}/tests --show-source
envdir = {toxworkdir}/tests
usedevelop = True
description = run automatic tests using pytest
extras = tests
commands = pytest {toxinidir}/tests
description = run local server that serves and rebuilds documentation
whitelist_externals = echo
commands =
pip install {toxinidir}[docs]
echo "##build#### Starting local server. Press Control+C to stop server ######"
mkdocs serve -a localhost:8080
description = remove the generated documentation
whitelist_externals = rm
commands = rm -rf docs/build
description = deploy documentation to github hosting
commands =
pip install {toxinidir}[docs]
mkdocs gh-deploy --clean
description = delete documentation online and deploy completely fresh
whitelist_externals = git
commands =
pip install {toxinidir}[docs]
- git branch -D gh-pages
- git push origin --delete gh-pages
mkdocs gh-deploy --clean