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py3status module to control i3wm with the pewpew
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A py3status module turning the PewPew into a controller and external workspace display for the i3wm tiling window manager.

Watch a short demo video

Extend i3 with your PewPew. Use the buttons to send messages to i3 (or do whatever else you like) and always see which workspace you are on.


pip install py3status-pewpew

See for specific instructions on that distribution.


run the tests with tox:

$ cd </path/to/this/repo>
$ tox


install a development environment:

$ cd </path/to/this/repo>
$ tox -e dev

... and activate it e.g via source .tox/dev/bin/activate. Then run tests with pytest.

Debugging hint - use screen to get direct access and run commands in the REPL:

$ screen /dev/ttyACM0

This will open a screen session. Ctrl+C and Enter is useful to soft reboot pewpew in there.

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