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Codeblocks template for Arduino developement

© 2014-2016 Teodor Petrov under GNU General Public License

© 2012-2013 Scott Daniels ( under GNU General Public License

Portions are: © 2012 Stanley Huang ( under GNU General Public License

This project provides a project template for the Code::Blocks IDE, which allows easy creation of Arduino projects. It is based on several other such templates. The template provided by Code::Blocks Arduino project is used as a base. Its main goal is to provide easy to use standalone template, which can be used in vanilla Code::Blocks install.


  • Dedicated project wizard for Arduino development
  • Integrated Arduino core files and libraries
  • Calls AVRDUDE for uploading (Flash and EEPROM) via USB or programmer as a post build step
  • Allows the user to select what targets/devices he/she wants to build for
  • Allows the user to choose the enabled libraries
  • Setups every target to build object and binary files in a separate folders


Arduino 1.6.9. Using 1.0.x won't work. I've not tested anything older than 1.6.9. Code::Blocks SVN rev 9843, because there are some changes in the Scripted wizard plugin.


Certain files should be placed or symlinked inside the User data folder of Code::Blocks. On Linux this is /home/$USER/.local/share/codeblocks

  1. You need to install AVR compiler (AVR GCC) and set it up inside Code::Blocks

  2. You should create a symlink for the wizard. Link the root of this repo to ~/.local/share/codeblocks/templates/wizard/arduino

  3. Add the following two lines in the RegisterWizards function insde the file ~/.local/share/codeblocks/templates/wizard/config.script

    RegisterWizard(wizProject, _T("arduino"), _T("Arduino Project"), _T("Embedded Systems"));
    RegisterWizard(wizTarget,  _T("arduino"), _T("Arduino"),         _T("Embedded Systems"));
  4. After you create a project with the wizard the Global Variables dialog will show up and will ask you for the path to the root of the Arduino project.


Tested only on Linux. If you test it on Windows or OSX and make changes please provide patches.