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Dusk is a dashboard app based on cubism.js. The primary case for Dusk is finding hotspots across a range of values in the same metric domain, e.g. viewing disk latency across an array of disks or fleet of servers.

This project should still be considered beta software. There are known performance and usability issues to address before anyone should rely on this in production.


Dusk is designed to be simple and purpose-driven. Any string passed to the /metrics/ endpoint (including wildcards) will be used as the search context. All metrics found by the Graphite server will be returned and rendered live.

For example, loading /metrics/collectd.*.load.load.shortterm will render the shortterm metric for all servers in your Graphite instance. Adding the index param to your URL defines which (zero-indexed) node should be used as the metric alias.



The only required environment variable is GRAPHITE_URL. This should be set to the base URL of your Graphite composer (e.g. If your server requires Basic Auth, include the credentials in your GRAPHITE_URL (e.g.


The following instructions assume a working Ruby installation with the bundler gem already installed on your system.

$ git clone
$ cd dusk
$ bundle install
$ export GRAPHITE_URL=...
$ foreman start
$ open


$ heroku create
$ heroku config:add GRAPHITE_URL=...
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku scale web=1
$ heroku open

Chef Cookbook

Will Maier of Simple has kindly contributed a Dusk cookbook for Chef users.

GitHub Authentication

To authenticate against a GitHub organization, set the following environment variables:

$ export GITHUB_CLIENT_ID=<id>
$ export GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET=<secret>

To register an OAuth application, go here:


Dusk is distributed under the MIT license.