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There remains a fairly significant memory leak; not within the Tasseo codebase per se, but as a side effect of using jQuery ajax with jsonp. See the following references:

Disappointingly, the ticket referenced in the latter was closed wontfix. Unless I can track down a workaround, Tasseo may be forced to using non-JSONP or possibly retooling to use Graphite's raw output instead. Hopefully not.

In this screenshot you can see the Comparison view of two heap snapshots. The primary offender is a bunch of string objects hanging around. I'm not sure if these are orphaned because we went on to do something else (shouldn't happen with the callback afaik) or because of an ajax failure. The latter seems unlikely since I'm not seeing any network errors in the inspector.

heap comparison

In this screenshot you can see the memory footprint of Tasseo, the tab its running in, and the renderer for that tab. I'm not sure what the difference is between the latter two, but we can clearly see in the Memory Timeline that Tasseo's memory footprint is flat.

memory footprint

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