active-dump - dump and restore activerecord from/to yaml
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File        :
Maintainer  : Felix C. Stegerman <>
Date        : 2014-08-12

Copyright   : Copyright (C) 2014  Felix C. Stegerman
Version     : v0.2.3

Gem Version


active-dump - dump and restore activerecord from/to yaml

active-dump provides 3 rake tasks that allow you to dump and restore activerecord data from/to yaml:

  • rake db:data:dump creates a yaml dump
  • rake db:data:restore restores a yaml dump
  • rake db:data:delete deletes all records in database
  • rake db:data:fix_seqs fixes (postgresql) sequences

NB: active-dump does not take migrations (or validations etc.) into account -- it dumps and restores raw data from the ActiveRecord models -- so make sure your migrations are in sync.

When using rails, add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'active-dump', require: 'active-dump/rails'

You can use these environment variables to configure active-dump:

  • RAILS_ENV: the environment
  • FILE: the file to dump to/restore from (defaults to db/data.yml)
  • MODELS: the models to dump (defaults to all models)
  • DELETE: delete records with same id before restore (defaults to false)
  • VERBOSE: print info/sql (defaults to false)
  • DRYRUN: don't do anything (defaults to false, implies VERBOSE)

Configuration files:

  • config/active-dump.yml: set defaults
  • config/database.yml: database connection


$ rake db:data:dump MODELS=Foo,Bar
$ RAILS_ENV=production rake db:data:restore
$ rake db:data:restore DELETE=yes
$ rake db:data:delete   # CAREFUL!


file: db/dump.yml
verbose: true
  - Cms::Block
  - Cms::Categorization
  - Cms::Category
  - Cms::File
  - Cms::Layout
  - Cms::Page
  - Cms::Revision
  - Cms::Site
  - Cms::Snippet

Specs & Docs

$ rake spec   # TODO
$ rake docs


  • specs! docs?
  • use model's database connection?!
  • ...


LGPLv3+ [1].


[1] GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 ---