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dev-vm-ruby - ruby development VM (scripts)

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Maintainer  : Felix C. Stegerman <>
Date        : 2014-12-19

Copyright   : Copyright (C) 2014  Felix C. Stegerman

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dev-vm-ruby - ruby development VM (scripts)


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NB: vagrant is very insecure by default. Older versions run ssh listening on all IP addresses -- newer versions still listen on localhost; publicly known ssh keys and passwords are used; the directory containing the Vagrantfile is shared read-write with the VM by default, allowing the guest to compromise the host.

I've taken steps to mitigate these risks, but you should be very careful and review the security yourself.

The supplied Vagrantfile should disable the default share; you should be very careful when adding additional shares.

The build script will replace the default ssh keys and the provisioning script will lock the user password, but -- until the VM is built -- someone with access to the VM via ssh (which could be anyone on your local network with older versions of vagrant) could still compromise the VM using the default keys/password.


Make sure you don't run any services on your computer or network that you don't want the VM to be able to access.

When Using VNC

The VNC server port will be forwarded to localhost (port 5901). You should probably use a firewall and a single-user system to keep others out.

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NB: you should install virtualbox and vagrant via your package manager if possible.

  1. Install virtualbox
  2. Install vagrant
  3. Download the .zip or git clone
  4. Modify the Vagrantfile (if needed)
  5. If you don't already have a pre-built dev-vm-ruby base box, run ./ (this will also generate an ssh key pair)
  6. vagrant box add dev-vm-ruby /path/to/.box the base box
  7. vagrant up
  8. vagrant ssh -c 'byobu bash'
  9. ???
  10. profit!

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  • keep lein (clojure), sbt (scala), nodejs (nodejs-tar) versions up-to-date
  • refactor ansible config
  • test test test


GPLv3+ [1].


[1] GNU General Public License, version 3 ---

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dev-vm-ruby - ruby development VM (scripts)






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