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--                                                                {{{1

File        : README
Maintainer  : Felix C. Stegerman <flx@obfusk.net>
Date        : 2012-08-21

Copyright   : Copyright (C) 2012  Felix C. Stegerman
Version     : v0.0.2

--                                                                }}}1

=== Description ===                                               {{{1

  git-boot - git meta-projects

  A meta-project approach to bootstrapping and updating git

  NB: subprojects/dependencies in _deps ARE NOT STORED in the
  meta-project repository; they are git repositories themselves, so
  any changes must be commited within these subrepositories
  themselves, and it is recommended you push them to a remote as well.

  ...                                                             TODO

=== Usage ===                                                     {{{1

  Get it at https://github.com/obfusk/git-boot.

  The _depsources file contains names and urls for the
  subrepositories.  For example:

  $ vim _depsources
    # foo   /path/or/url/to/foo.git
    # bar   /path/or/url/to/bar.git
    # baz   /path/or/url/to/baz.git

  === ./scripts/... ===

      Bootstraps all dependencies from the _depsources file; if the
      dir exists, it is skipped; if not, the repository is cloned as
      _deps/<name> and the name is added to _deps/_update.

    update-deps [<dep(s)>]
      With no arguments, updates all dependencies in _deps/update;
      with arguments, updates _deps/<dep(s)>.

    git-deps { ALL | UPD } <git-cmd>
      Runs the git command (e.g. >> status <<).  With ALL, runs it in
      _deps/[^_]*; with UPD, runs it in _deps/$( cat _deps/_update ).
      Uses mgit [3].

=== License ===                                                   {{{1

  GPLv2 [1] or EPLv1 [2].

=== References ===                                                {{{1

  [1] GNU General Public License, version 2

  [2] Eclipse Public License, version 1

  [3] mgit


vim: set tw=70 sw=2 sts=2 et fdm=marker :