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Technical reports consists of user guides and development specifications or methodologies used in the design, development and application of OBI.
==Policy documents ==
* [[MIREOT|Minimum information to reference an external ontology term]]
* [[OBI_Release_Policy|OBI Release Policy]]
* [[OBIDeprecationPolicy|OBI Deprecation Policy]]
* [[OBI_ID_Policy|OBI Identifier Policy]]
* [[OBI_Minimal_metadata|Minimal requirement for term annotations in OBI]]
* [[OBI_Adding_New_Term_Policy|OBI Adding New Term Policy]]
* [[Defined_classes|Defined classes in OBI]]
* [[OBI_naming_conventions | Naming conventions for use within OBI]]
* [[Quick_Term_Templates | Quick term templates]]
== Term submission ==
* Go with tracker items
Add and notify or submit via tracker and discuss first. Consensus is that terms following an accepted (and posted) design pattern can be added (could be via QTT) without prior discussion - just send email afterward. Discuss first if term not part of design pattern.
* [[Quick_id|Quick term submission for an OBI ID]]
No use case for Quick ID proposal now. QTT might supercede this in the future.
== Developer support documents ==
* [[Protege_for_OBI|Viewing and editing OBI in Protege]]
* [[Workshop documents]]
== Work in progress documents ==
Warning: if the below mentioned documents are in a stable official status they will be moved out of this section. Some of these documents may now be deprecated, so use with caution.
* [ Data Transformation use case]: use case from the DT branch
* [ EOO - OBI Biomaterial branch]: summary of the discussion relevant to Entity of organismal origin/sample/specimen
* [ Letter templates for OBI]: templates for support and workshop letters
* [ OBI starter pack]: some notes I put together for one of our student
* [ Reasoning with OBI]: document summarizing the use of the script developed by Alan to check reasoning
* [ OBI and the Perfect Releaser]: document pertaining to release process - mostly notes taken on the way on issues encountered
* [ OBILisp]: introductory document on how to set up your lisp environment if you want to use our lisp sripts
* [ OBI and Sourceforge]: introductory material pertaining to Sourceforge: how to sue the tracker etc
* [ MIREOT made easy]: attempt at explaining step by step how to use the MIREOT scripts
* [ Minimal Metadata for OBI]: work document on our metadata
* [ SVN structure]: work document about the SVN reorganization
* [ Quality Branch documentation]
* [ DT branch documentation]
* [ Biomaterial documentation]
* [ DENRIE documentation]
* [ Role documentation]
* [ Instrument report]
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