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We here provide a User Manual designed to explain the core functionality of OBI for newcomers, and to serve as a canonical reference for OBI developers. This is a work in progress, but we here provide a roadmap for the various functions that OBI is designed for.

This builds on information presented in the core OBI paper:

Bandrowski A, Brinkman R, Brochhausen M, Brush MH, Bug B, et al. (2016) The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations. PLOS ONE 11(4): e0154556. [doi]

Basic Documentation

  • Core Class Definitions (basic formulation of the types found in the ontology - start here to begin modeling your domain)
  • Extended Class Definitions (working models for specific subdomains and specializations of OBI beyond the core classes)
  • Example Use Cases (how we describe specific use cases with OBI)
  • Implementation and Development Notes (how we develop, extend and implement the ontology)
  • Community (Description of the OBI development community. Who were are and what our goals are for this work)
  • Publications and Presentations (presentations of existing work and , etc.)

All pages pertaining to these items are available from links in the sidebar (→), which means they're visible from every page in the wiki.

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