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Opal googlesheets4 Plugin Build Status

This plugin allows to import Google Sheets spreadsheets using the R package googlesheets4.

Opal is OBiBa’s core database application for biobanks or epidemiological studies.

  • Have a bug or a question? Please create an issue on GitHub.
  • Continuous integration is on Travis.


This plugin uses the development version of googlesheets4 R package which only supports publicly shared spreadsheets.

Mailing list

Have a question? Ask on our mailing list!


OBiBa software are open source and made available under the GPL3 licence. OBiBa software are free of charge.

OBiBa acknowledgments

If you are using OBiBa software, please cite our work in your code, websites, publications or reports.

"The work presented herein was made possible using the OBiBa suite (, a software suite developed by Maelstrom Research ("

Implementation of an Opal googlesheets4 datasource plugin