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OBiBa Opal Documentation

Targeted at individual studies and study consortia, OBiBa software stack (Opal, Mica etc.) provides a software solution for epidemiological data management, analysis and publication. Opal is the core data warehouse application that provides all the necessary tools to import, transform and describe data. Opal can be used with Agate, the OBiBa's central authentication server.


admin/installation admin/configuration admin/plugins admin/rserver

cookbook/index cookbook/import-data cookbook/r-datashield

web-user-guide/index web-user-guide/projects web-user-guide/search web-user-guide/administration web-user-guide/my-profile

r-user-guide/index r-user-guide/r r-user-guide/datashield r-user-guide/reporting

python-user-guide/index python-user-guide/api python-user-guide/commands

magma-user-guide/index magma-user-guide/methods

Partners and Funders

The development of this application was made possible thanks to the support of our partners and funders:

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Please visit OBiBa support page.