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Fast Edge Database for local data persistence, 10x faster than SQLite


High-performance Edge Database for storing and using objects locally with an out-of-the-box Data Sync.

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  1. Java Database for Mobile & IoT - fast and lightweight

    Java 4.1k 291

  2. Go database for fast and effortless data management

    Go 809 36

  3. Swift database - fast, simple and lightweight (iOS, macOS)

    Swift 378 28

  4. Flutter database for super-fast Dart object persistence

    Dart 716 84

  5. objectbox-c Public

    C and C++ database for objects and structs

    C 151 29

  6. ObjectBox Generator based on FlatBuffers schema files (fbs) for C and C++ (more languages in the future)

    Go 30 8