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ObjectBox Java and Kotlin examples

Java and Kotlin examples for ObjectBox (GitHub), the superfast object-oriented database.

For examples in other languages, see the GitHub repository for that language.


  • android-app-kotlin: a note taking app that shows how to define the data model, indexes and relations, create a store, put and get data, use Admin UI and create unit tests.
  • android-app: a more basic variant of the above written in Java.
  • java-main: a note taking command-line application that shows how to define the data model, create a store and put and get data.
  • java-main-maven: the above app but using a Maven project (we recommend to use Gradle).

Using Sync


MyObjectBox missing? Build the project!

When you open the project in an IDE like Android Studio for the first time, it will complain that it does not find the class MyObjectBox. This is expected because this class is generated during build time. Thus, once you build the project, everything should be fine.

Issues and feedback

If you are looking for help with how to use ObjectBox see our documentation.

If you found an issue or have feedback about these examples feel free to submit an issue for objectbox-java.


ObjectBox Documentation

ObjectBox Features

ObjectBox GitHub repository