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Examples for ObjectBox Android/Java, the super-fast database
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Java and Kotlin examples for ObjectBox, the superfast object-oriented database. The basic example is a minimal note taking app.

For Android, there are:

  • android-app: Java based note taking app
  • android-app-kotlin: Kotlin based note taking app
  • android-app-relations: Demonstrating relations (Java based app)
  • android-app-daocompat: DAO compat is a compatibility layer on top of ObjectBox emulating a greenDAO API

For plain Java, you'll find those:

  • java-main: using ObjectBox in a Java application
  • java-main-maven: while the primary build system for ObjectBox is Gradle, you can also use Maven

MyObjectBox missing? Build the project!

When you open the project in an IDE like Android Studio for the first time, it will complain that it does not find the class MyObjectBox. This is expected because this class is generated during build time. Thus, once you build the project, everything should be fine.


ObjectBox Documentation

ObjectBox Features

ObjectBox repo (to report issues)

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