OpenDDS 3.5.1

@mitza-oci mitza-oci released this Aug 19, 2014 · 2990 commits to master since this release

Release notes for Version 3.5.1 of OpenDDS

Notes: Due to addition control messages in the 3.5.1 release, mixing 3.5.0
and 3.5.1 releases should work properly, but the 3.5.0 data readers can emit
the following error message when associating with a durable 3.5.1 data

ERROR: DataReaderImpl::data_received unexpected message_id = 11

Upgrade all endpoints to 3.5.1 to remove this error message.


  • Support later (>= 4.7) versions of GCC compilers, and later (>= 2.0a)
    builds of TAO. Configure script now downloads 2.2a by default.
  • Added IDL compiler support for typedef of string fields within unions.
    Added Java IDL compiler support for struct forward declarations.
  • Updated UML design diagrams to reflect current code base.


  • DCPSInfoRepo no longer informs a subscriber about a crashed or killed
    publisher. This made associations of current publishers and subscribers
    delayed until timeout was reached.
  • Fixed deadlock condition in send_delayed_notifications() resulting from
    multiple datawriters.
  • Fixed deadlock in DataLinkSet::send_control().
  • Fixed deadlock in WaitSet::wait() and DataReaderImpl::data_received().
  • Fixed multicast transport with multiple participants in a single process.
  • Fixed parsing of -ReassociateDelay argument by DCPSInfoRepo.
  • Fixed crash of long-lived zero-copy sequence when it is destroyed and
    crash of zero-copy sequence accessing released instances.
  • Fixed unprotected access to DataWriterImpl::reader_info_, and
  • Fixed multiple RTPS crashes when participant is being deleted.
  • Fixed RTPS crash when a data reader is being deleted.
  • Fixed problem for non-unique repo ids for multicast when multiple
    (non-federated) DCPSInfoRepos are used on the same network.
  • Fixed crash caused by back-pressure in transport causing the most recent
    sample for an instance to be dropped.
  • Fixed error in reconstruction logic for fragmentation of udp and multicast
    transport packets.
  • Fixed PublisherImpl and SubscriberImpl to properly set a DataWriterImpl
    or DataReaderImpl entity's deleted flag during deletion to allow
    association checks to properly identify entities that are being deleted and
    not proceed in association.
  • Fixed problem for persisted DCPSInfoRepo where persisted participants
    were never dissociating.
  • Fixed activity improperly occuring when a partipant is being deleted
    that caused pure virtual function calls. In one case, waiting now takes
    place during deletion of a data writer until all control messages sent during
    unregistration of instances are account for. In another case fixed so
    TransportSendControlElement will delete itself before it reports to the listener
    that the message has been delivered/dropped.


  • Many updates to make test results more deterministic.
  • Added Reliability test.
  • Added ManyToMany test to test associations with additional participants,
    publishers, subcribers, data readers and data writers.
  • Added PersistentInfoRepo test.
  • Restored thrasher medium and high test cases.
  • Rewrite Priority test to make it verify proper QOS functionality.
  • Rewrite LargeSample test to make it verify message contents are as expected.

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