OpenDDS 3.7

@mitza-oci mitza-oci released this Sep 11, 2015 · 1100 commits to master since this release

Release notes for Version 3.7 of OpenDDS


  • Implements FACE Transport Services API v2.1, FACE safety base and
    FACE safety extended profiles (Future Airborne Capability Environment).
  • Implements DDS 1.4 and RTPS 2.2.
  • Support allocations from memory pool in safety profile builds. Introduced
    standard library containers and strings, as well as TAO sequences that
    allocate from this pool.
  • To support FACE TS, the IDL struct DDS::SampleInfo has a new field
    "opendds_reserved_publication_seq" as an extension to the DDS specification.
  • Updated opendds_idl for FACE support, moving some of the code-generation
    from tao_idl to opendds_idl when targeting FACE TS.
  • Support IDL fixed type inside of DCPS_DATA_TYPE (used with FACE TS).
  • Type-specific DataWriterImpl and DataReaderImpl are now templates. Code
    generation now introduces a typedef of these.
  • Content filtering now supports modulus (MOD) operator as an extension.
  • Added a static (configuration-based) discovery mechanism.
  • RTPS Discovery is now supported when OpenDDS is built without built-in topics.
  • RTPS Discovery has a new configuration parameter SedpLocalAddress which
    configures the rtps_udp transport used internally by discovery in the same way
    that local_address configures a user-created rtps_udp transport instance.
  • Support non-default liveliness QOS in rtps_udp transport.
  • Support wait_for_acknowledgements in rtps_udp transport.
  • Support command line option -DCPSRTISerialization when integrating with RTI
    DDS using RTPS, to account for a different serialization algorithm.
  • Configure script handles some cross-compile builds and safety profile.
  • Support for new Visual Studio compilers (vc11, vc12, and vc14).
  • Support for clang builds on Mac OS X.
  • Removed support for old GCC compilers (<= 3.3).
  • opendds_idl command-line option -Gitl is a replacement for -Gws. Wireshark
    dissector now reads ITL files, rather than .ini files.


  • Fixed many tests for minimum profile builds.
  • Enforced correct behavior of a reliable data writer when history QoS
    is set to KEEP_LAST with depth=1.
  • opendds_idl can now be specified in user_macros.GNU instead of always
    assuming it is in $DDS_ROOT/bin (for -type gnuace builds).
  • Fixed initial IPv6 support in windows builds.
  • Fixed disassociate handling of local entities on loopback interface.
  • Corrected wait_for_acknowedgements for non-reliable writers to return
    success immediately.
  • Allow disassociating readers to finish processing messages from active writer
    before removing.
  • Remove TcpDataLink from DataLinkSet when connect() fails. Previously, the
    datalink would remain and would be seen as a fully-connected datalink by new
  • DCPSTransportDebugLevel 1 messages are now association-oriented.
  • Fixed durable resend out-of-order handling for rtps_udp transport.
  • Fixed handling of acknowledgements during shutdown of rtps_udp data link.
  • RTPS Discovery now ignores 'RTPX' messages seen during RTI integration.
  • Dissection of unions in wireshark dissector (requires ITL).
  • Corrected reference counting scheme for Recorder and Replayer objects:
    the reference-counted handle types changed from _rch to _var.


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