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Release notes for Version 3.9 of OpenDDS

Version 3.9 of OpenDDS.

  • Updated how DataWriter QoS is interpreted by internal data strucutres:
    • RESOURCE_LIMITS.max_samples_per_instance controls total samples that can be
      stored per instance, independent of HISTORY
    • HISTORY.depth controls number of samples (per instance) that will be made
      available to late-joining readers if DURABILITY is enabled
      • KEEP_ALL history uses max_samples_per_instance as its depth
    • WriteDataContainer is more eager to remove samples that are no longer needed
    • WriteDataContainer will not remove samples that are required to implement
      DURABILITY, hence if RELIABILITY is enabled this can block a write() just
      like other "no resource available" scenarios
  • Fixed an RTPS interoperability issue with the new ParticipantMessageData
    messages (used for liveliness)
  • Enhanced RTPS support for DURABILITY QoS enabling faster reader/writer
    associations when DURABILITY is in use (set to TRANSIENT_LOCAL)
  • RTPS Discovery has a new option "SpdpLocalAddress" which can be used to
    bind SPDP's socket to a particular network interface
  • InfoRepo discovery will use TAO's BiDir GIOP feature to reduce number
    of sockets needed (disable with -DCPSBidirGIOP 0)
  • Intermediate Type Language (itl), a helper library used by the OpenDDS
    wireshark dissector, is now included in the source tree in
    tools/IntermediateTypeLang. itl depends on the 3rd-pary lib rapidjson.
    When running the configure script, use --rapidjson=
  • Corrected makefile generation for Java bindings with IDL bounded strings
  • Fixed a bug where some header files would be missing from "make install"
  • "make install" now works with Java bindings
  • Configure script: now supports FreeBSD, Mac OS X El Capitan,
    and cross-compiles for Linux targets (Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison tested).
    The configure script attempts to find the JDK if invoked with --java.
  • cross-compilation now works with Java bindings, including use of JRE compact1

Using the GitHub "releases" page

Download OpenDDS-3.9.zip (Windows) or OpenDDS-3.9.tar.gz (Linux/Solaris/MacOSX) instead of using the GitHub-generated "source code" links.