A C++ implementation of the FAST protocol.
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QuickFAST -- An implementation of the FAST protocol for native C++ and .NET

QuickFAST is an Open Source native C++ implementation of the FAST Protocol [SM]. FAST(Fix Adapted for STreaming) protocol was developed by FIX Protocol Limited [FPL] (http://www.fixprotocol.org/fast/) as a way to reduce the bandwidth and network-latency

Because FAST not specific to market data or the financial industry, there are opportunities for using FAST in a wide variety of situations.

QuickFAST is written to be portable to many platforms. It is routinely tested on Windows and Linux. The project also includes a .NET wrapper which supports using QuickFAST in the .NET environment. Ask if you want support for other platforms.

Instructions for getting started with QuickFAST are here

QuickFAST was developed by Object Computing Inc.(OCI) St. Louis Missouri USA. OCI has made QuickFAST available as open source software which may be used without payment of development or runtime license fees. OCI offers commercial support for QuickFAST.

For questions and discussion of QuickFAST, visit the QuickFAST users mailing list

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