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Objectify is a Java data access API specifically designed for the Google Cloud Datastore (aka the Google App Engine Datastore). It occupies a "middle ground"; easier to use and more transparent than JDO or JPA, but significantly more convenient than the low-level API libraries that Google provides. Objectify is designed to make novices immediately productive yet also expose the full power of the Datastore.

Important note about versions: Objectify v5 and prior use the Google App Engine API for Java and therefore can only be used within Google App Engine Standard. Objectify v6+ uses the Cloud Datastore API and can be used from anywhere - GAE Standard, GAE Flex, GCE, or outside Google Cloud entirely. See the FAQ for more information.


  • Objectify lets you persist, retrieve, delete, and query your own typed objects.
class Car {
    @Id String vin; // Can be Long, long, or String
    String color;
ofy().save().entity(new Car("123123", "red")).now();
Car c = ofy().load().type(Car.class).id("123123").now();
  • Objectify surfaces all native datastore features, including batch operations, queries, transactions, asynchronous operations, and partial indexes.
  • Objectify provides type-safe key and query classes using Java generics.
  • Objectify provides a human-friendly query interface.
  • Objectify can automatically cache your data in memcache for improved read performance.
  • Objectify can store polymorphic entities and perform true polymorphic queries.
  • Objectify provides a simple, easy-to-understand transaction model.
  • Objectify provides built-in facilities to help migrate schema changes forward.
  • Objectify provides thorough documentation of concepts as well as use cases.
  • Objectify has an extensive test suite to prevent regressions.


Full documentation is available in the Objectify Wiki.


Objectify is released to the Maven Central Repository and can be downloaded directly from there.


Help is provided in the Objectify App Engine User Group


The simplest convenient interface to the Google Cloud Datastore




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