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Objectiv logo

Objectiv is an open-source data collection & modeling platform that helps data teams run product analytics from their notebooks, with full control over data and models.


  • Control product analytics in code - Take product analytics into your own hands with full access to data and models from your Python notebook.
  • Explore & model with zero grunt work - Work directly on super-structured raw data, with pre-built models designed for product analytics.
  • First-party data & built for integration - Objectiv connects to your own data store of choice and plays nice with most tools in the modern data stack.
  • Set up error-free tracking with strict validation - Get helpful tooling to test, validate and debug your tracking setup at multiple stages. No more surprises downstream.

Official Documentation

Get started

1. Check out the example notebooks

A number of example notebooks are available to demonstrate what you can do with Objectiv.

2. Get Objectiv Up

Objectiv Up is a pre-packaged, dockerized version of Objectiv's powerful open-source analytics platform that can be self-hosted in under five minutes.

All the necessary infrastructure comes ready to go. Pre-built notebooks, models & dashboards are included for common product & marketing use cases, so you can get to work directly. A demo app & data are included for testing.

objectiv-up-included objectiv-up-included

As a result of strictly structured data collection, you can simply replace the demo app with your own app when you’re ready, and reuse all the notebooks and dashboards on your own data. They have been battle-tested and are ready to be used in production.

... or go fully managed with Objectiv Cloud

Objectiv is also available as a fully managed cloud setup, enabling you to run Objectiv's open-source analytics platform at scale without worrying about the Ops part. It connects to your own data store, so you'll remain in full control over your data.

Objectiv is 100% open-source, so you can also manually build & run your own custom Objectiv platform, or integrate it into an existing Snowplow pipeline.

3. Instrument the tracker

Instrument Objectiv’s tracker to start collecting user data that embraces the open analytics taxonomy. Our very supportive tracking SDKs will help you set up error-free tracking in your app with the least amount of effort.


Objectiv runs in your favorite Python notebook and integrates with Snowplow for ingestion. It plays nice with most popular tools & infra in the modern data stack.


Also see the full overview of Objectiv’s components & compatibility.

Get Help