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Objective PHP / Showcase

Project topic

This project provides a "fully" functionnal application based on Objective PHP Framework. It mainly contains components demos.

This is the place to start until we provide an actual documentation.

How to make it work

First, note that Objective PH needs PHP 7 to run. It's also meant to run under a Unix like system (GNU/Linux, OS X..).

A few simple steps are needed to get this application up and running:

git clone
cd showcase

# the next step assumes that composer is available in your PATH
composer install

# and this one requires [Bower](
bower install

# finally, lauch PHP's embedded web server 

You can then open http://localhost:8001 to access live demo of Objective PHP Framework. Note that the frmaework will show itself much more efficient when using a production grade web server (as Apache or Nginx), while the PHP built-in server will allow you to make the demo running within seconds.

Add support for Doctrine demos

If you want to be able to run the Doctrine related demos, you'll need a copy of our DB (which is largely based on MySQL "employees" database).

You can download our copy of this database from

After importing the "employees" (default name) database, you can either create a "demo" user with no password and access to "employees" database, or alter the default configuration located in "app/config/doctrine.php":

    'user'          => 'demo',
    'password'      => '',