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Detect Evil Maid Attacks
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Do Not Disturb

'Do Not Disturb' (DnD) is a free open-source security tool for macOS that aims to detect unauthorized physical access to your laptop! Full details and usage instructions can be found here.

To Build
DnD should build cleanly in Xcode (though you will have to remove code signing constraints, or replace with your own Apple developer signing certificate).

To Install
Build or download the pre-built installer application. Install, by simply running the installer (UI) application.

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This product is supported by the following patrons:

  • Lance Gaines
  • Ash Morgan
  • Khalil Sehnaoui
  • Nando Mendonca
  • Bill Smartt
  • Martin OConnell
  • David Sulpy
  • Shain Singh
  • Chad Collins
  • Harry Hoffman
  • Keelian Wardle
  • Christopher Giffard
  • Conrad Rushing
  • soreq
  • Stuart Ashenbrenner
  • trifero
  • Peter Sinclair
  • Ming
  • Gamer Bot
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