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Google Maps for Craft

The complete geolocation and mapping toolkit

Google Maps for Craft Field Type

Google Maps for Craft is a complete geolocation toolkit that interfaces with the Google Maps API. Google Maps for Craft provides you with all the tools to generate maps, geocode data, add markers, searches, a field type, and much more. And best of all, Google Maps for Craft is built by the same people that built Google Maps for ExpressionEngine, so you can be sure you are getting something that is reliable and will stand the test of time.


  1. Simple and elegant Google Map field type
  2. Proximity Based Searches (for store finders)
  3. Advanced geocoding support
  4. Full directions support for walking, driving, and bicycling
  5. Full support for HTML5 Geolocation
  6. Fetch entries in proximity to a user's current location
  7. Multiple Map Fields per Entry
  8. Multiple Markers per Field
  9. Multiple Routes per Field
  10. Multiple Polygons per Field
  11. Multiple Polylines per Field
  12. Multiple Circles per Field
  13. Multiple Ground Overlays (images) per Field
  14. Custom marker icons and infowindow content
  15. Full customizable polygons, polylines, circles, and ground overlays (images)
  16. Marker clustering
  17. Easy to use template tags
  18. No JavaScript required*

*No JavaScript required for out the box features. Advanced use cases may require additional JavaScript for some functionality.


For more information and documentation, refer to the Wiki.


During the initial beta support may be limited, but will still be provided. For the benefit of others, if you have an bug, feature request, or question about implementation be sure to use the issues here in Github. If private support is required, you may email

Beta Status

Google Maps for Craft is launching with a free public beta. The official license is in the repository, but in short Google Maps for Craft is a commercial plugin that is currently available for free here on Github for the duration of the beta. You have permission to use Google Maps for Craft for any project for free during the beta. Once Google Maps for Craft is available for purchase, the free download will no longer be available and users that want support or updates must purchase a license.


This software is still in active development with lots of features still to be added. If a feature is missing that you would like to see incorporated into the core, please send us an email to or make an issue here in the repo.