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#import <SenTestingKit/SenTestingKit.h>
#import "SBCouchDesignDocument.h"
#import "SBCouchView.h"
#import "SBCouchResponse.h"
#import "CouchObjC.h"
static NSString *MAP_FUNCTION = @"function(doc) { if( == 'Frank'){ emit('Number of Franks', 1);}}";
static NSString *REDUCE_FUNCTION = @"function(k, v, rereduce) { return sum(v);}";
@interface SBCouchDesignDocumentTest : SenTestCase {
@implementation SBCouchDesignDocumentTest
SBCouchDesignDocument *designDocument = [[SBCouchDesignDocument alloc] init];
SBCouchView *view = [[SBCouchView alloc] initWithName:@"franks" andMap:MAP_FUNCTION andReduce:REDUCE_FUNCTION];
STAssertNotNil(designDocument, nil);
STAssertNotNil(view, nil);
STAssertTrue([ isEqualToString:MAP_FUNCTION], nil);
[designDocument addView:view withName:@"franks"];
STIGDebug(@"description %@", designDocument);
[designDocument release];
[view release];