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The aws-iot-sample project includes a sample IoT device application to complement the presentation Building Scalable IoT Applications with AWS IoT.

Java Sample

The sample is written in Java and uses the Java AWS IoT Device SDK.


To build the sample, execute the following from the directory aws-iot-sample/samples/java.

gradlew shadowJar

The build generates the file aws-iot-sample/samples/java/build/libs/java-all.jar containing the source and required dependencies.

Running the Sample

Before running the sample, first setup a valid device within AWS IoT. For instructions on setting up a device see the AWS documentation Getting Started with AWS IoT.

In addition, setup a minSpeed attribute with an int value on the device shadow for the device. For example:

  "desired": {
    "minSpeed": 20
  "reported": {
    "minSpeed": 20

Once the device is setup, use the certificate, private key, clientId and AWS IoT endpoint to execute the sample as follows.

java -jar aws-iot-sample/samples/java/build/libs/java-all.jar \
 -cert <path-to-cert>
 -key <path-to-key> \
 -clientId <device-name> \
 -endpoint <aws-iot-endpoint>

The sample application will perform the following.

  • Create and initialize a new SampleDevice.
  • Retrieve the minSpeed value from the device shadow.
  • Publish random speed values greater than the minSpeed to the topic speed/<clientId> at a rate of one per second.
  • Subscribe to messages with the topicFilter sample/<clientId>.
  • Subscribe to device shadow minSpeed updates via SampleShadowDevice.
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