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Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. @monkey101

    BUMP 2.2.2-rc0

    monkey101 authored
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
  1. @renctan
  2. @renctan

    SERVER-7612 explicit primary read pref does not work well with shard …

    renctan authored
    Fixed tests for newly added out parameter.
  3. @renctan

    SERVER-7612 explicit primary read pref does not work well with shard …

    renctan authored
    Ensure that selectNodeUsingTags will use the same connection to the primary with checkMaster
  4. @renctan
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
  1. @Zarkantho @monkey101
Commits on Nov 9, 2012
  1. @milkie
  2. @stbrody @milkie

    Buildbot: use map instead of unordered_map because unordered_map can'…

    stbrody authored milkie committed
    …t handle unsigned long long
  3. @stbrody @milkie

    SERVER-7460 Make sure connections never get version information assoc…

    stbrody authored milkie committed
    …iated with them from an old connection
  4. @milkie
  5. @milkie
Commits on Nov 7, 2012
  1. @stbrody @milkie

    SERVER-7259 Fix mongodump output to stdout by removing log line and m…

    stbrody authored milkie committed
    …aking sure stdout is flushed
  2. @milkie

    SERVER-7206 change global variable in profiler to be heap-based

    milkie authored
  3. @Zarkantho @milkie

    SERVER-7145 Updated test to reflect new treatment of undefined in jso…

    Zarkantho authored milkie committed
    …nString strict
Commits on Nov 6, 2012
  1. @kchodorow
  2. @kchodorow
  3. @kchodorow
  4. @kchodorow
  5. @milkie
  6. @milkie

    SERVER-7551 do not convert updates to upserts if primary is pre-2.2

    milkie authored
    Converting updates to upserts during replication was added for version 2.2.0.
    This code was dependent on all operators being idempotent.
    Some operators in 2.0.x are not fully idempotent, so if we are reading an
    oplog generated by a 2.0.x node, we shouldn't activate this new feature.
  7. @milkie
  8. @Zarkantho @milkie

    SERVER-7104 Fixed handling of Undefined type in jsonString and added …

    Zarkantho authored milkie committed
    …test cases
  9. @tadmarshall @milkie

    SERVER-7036 do not insert NULs in abbreviated long logged lines

    tadmarshall authored milkie committed
    Pass 'false' for includeEndingNull in two calls to BufBuilder::appendStr
    to we don't insert null terminators in the middle of an output buffer.
  10. @milkie

    SERVER-6765 less aggressive backoff

    Greg Studer authored milkie committed
  11. @tadmarshall @milkie

    SERVER-1887 make db.coll.dropIndex() work with name or key object

    tadmarshall authored milkie committed
    Remove the fixup of the user's index specification that was converting
    it into a default-style index name.  Adjust comments in code and help text
    to describe how to use db.collectionName.dropIndex().
  12. @kchodorow @milkie
  13. @RedBeard0531 @milkie

    SERVER-7491: Correctly generate projections for subfields of _id

    RedBeard0531 authored milkie committed
    This requires special casing due to SERVER-7502
  14. @milkie

    SERVER-7484 zero results should not trigger error w/ returnPartial

    Greg Studer authored milkie committed
  15. @erh @milkie

    SERVER-7443 - make sure writeback ids are in order

    erh authored milkie committed
  16. @andy10gen @milkie

    SERVER-7410 Fix SYSLIBDEPS functionality

    andy10gen authored milkie committed
    The previous implementation was not recursively following the LIBDEPS hierarchy, looking for SYSLIBDEPS
    to add.  Instead, it was trying to walk a hierachy like LIBDEPS rooted in the SYSLIBDEPS variable.  This
    isn't really a meaningful behavior, since SYSLIBDEPS always list system libraries, which are always leaf
    nodes in the dependency graph for our build system.
  17. @RedBeard0531 @milkie

    SERVER-7408 Correctly handle $skip and $limit in sharded agg

    RedBeard0531 authored milkie committed
    This bug only comes up if the first $skip or $limit precedes the first
    $sort or $limit. This is very rare, but should still be handled
  18. @tadmarshall @milkie

    SERVER-7378 Prevent WRITETODATAFILES and FlushViewOfFile from running…

    tadmarshall authored milkie committed
    … at the same time
    Prevent errors on Azure Storage drives that occur when a memory-mapped
    data file is modified in memory while it is being flushed to disk with
    FlushViewOfFile.  Use a SimpleMutex (Critical Section on Windows) to
    prevent these two routines from running at the same time.
  19. @milkie

    SERVER-7369 WBL too verbose when calling gle

    Greg Studer authored milkie committed
  20. @tadmarshall @milkie

    SERVER-7352 do not try to exit cleanly in Windows exception handler

    tadmarshall authored milkie committed
    In Windows, exit after an access violation the same way we exit on other
    platforms after a segfault; with ::_exit(EXIT_ABRUPT).
  21. @IanWhalen @milkie
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