Jodd site and documentation in markdown
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Jodd WebSite

This is Jodd web site built with nanoc.

All submissions are welcome. To submit a change, fork this repo, commit your changes, and send us a pull request.


Ruby 2.x is required to build the site.

Get the nanoc gem, plus kramdown for Markdown parsing:

$ bundle install

You can see the available commands with nanoc:

$ bundle exec nanoc -h

Nanoc has some nice documentation to get you started. Though if you're mainly concerned with editing or adding content, you won't need to know much about nanoc.


Nanoc compiles the site into static files living in ./output. It's smart enough not to try to compile unchanged files:

$ bundle exec nanoc compile

You can setup whatever you want to view the files. If using the adsf gem (as listed in the Gemfile), you can start Webrick:

$ bundle exec nanoc view
$ open http://localhost:3000

Compilation times got you down? Use guard (recommended) in separate terminal:

$ bundle exec guard

...or autocompile:

$ bundle exec nanoc autocompile

This starts a web server too, so there's no need to run nanoc view.


We have custom javascript search engine and you need to execute:

$ bundle exec nanoc sd

to generate JSON search data file.