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Uphea is an open-source real-world web application example built on Jodd frameworks. It presents many best-practices of using Jodd. Moreover, uphea gives an excellent overview of key points and main strengths of Jodd framework; you will be able to feel the unbearable lightness of Java web development. We decided to give you a chance to examine the real web application, and not only some half-baked pet-store example.

For more details and key-points, see: http://jodd.org/uphea

See screenshots here: http://uphea.com

Running Uphea

To run uphea, you must set environment variable:


that points to a working folder with images, logs and database (folder work in the repo).

Uphea bundle

You can download prepared Uphea bundle from Jodd website. Then just unzip and run it to see it in action!

Building Uphea bundle

You can build your own bundle using Ant and following commands:

ant clean
ant dist
ant pack

This will create Uphea distribution dist/uphea.zip.