A simple python based proxy for gntp notifications. A complete work in progress, anything may be broken at any time
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Growl Proxy

Growl proxy is a simple proxy for the GNTP protocol. It is written in python with a web interface, as it is designed to run in the background on headless computers.

The basic functionality is written and partially tested, but as it is a work in progress, things may not work as expected/at all.

The latest version of growlproxy can be obtained from it's github page.


Growl proxy depends on the following python modules

  • Jinja2
  • Flask
  • sqlalchemy
  • gntp
  • mox (for the tests)

These can be installed easily (assuming pip is setup) with the following command:

pip install Jinja2 Flask sqlalchemy gntp mox

Then, the latest version of growlproxy can be obtained using

git clone git://github.com/obmarg/growlproxy.git

TODO: Write info on coffeescript compile & database creation

At present, the growlproxyrun.py and growlproxyui.py files should be used to start the proxy itself and the user interface respectively.

In the future, a unified python script to run both of these will be provided as well as a proper setup.py, but for now this is the recommended method.