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  • Fixed a bug in unit tests
  • Repo.Clone will no longer try to perform initial clone twice
  • Enough testing has been done that I consider this v1.0.0


  • Fixed a bug that caused cloning to fail if hgrc files weren't in place
  • Fixed a bug in the hg summary output parsing
  • Added unit tests for some of the code.
  • Synchg will now run hg init --mq if it is required.
  • Synchg will now always setup remote paths in hgrc files if they are missing
  • Synchg will now clone the mq repository to remote if it's missing but the actual repository is in place (previously the mq repo was only cloned if the actual repository needed cloned)


  • Fixed an issue where remote repositories in hgrc were not set up properly on initial clone


  • Fixed an issue preventing use with repositories without mq enabled


  • Produced proper documentation using sphinx
  • No functional changes


  • Removed dependency on my putty/plumbum hacks on windows, as the upstream issue in plumbum has now been fixed.


  • Another pypi fix for importing synchg


  • Fixed another issue with pypi installations, they depended on the synchg package for getting the version number, but this lead to attempting to import plumbum before it was installed.


  • Fixed an issue with pypi installations, which depended on, which is unavaliable from the pypi archive.


Initial release