Online Business Management System
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Online Business Management System

Web application based on Symfony 2.7 for on-line business management. This is a simple ERP, or a project of ERP. This project was presented as a final project of studies. It's a too big project and a very ambicious one, I know, but it's being made like a code kata for mantaining myself updated in knowledge. Feel free to use, fork, clone, update, contribute, and please make pull requests of your improvements ;) Licensed under the MIT license.


Development Requirements

Developed with Composer, Bower, PHP, Apache2 and MariaDB. It's probably compatible with HHVM, the feedback will be welcomed. Compatible with Doctrine compatible databases.

Main structure and functionality


Just outside visits are done here. Users who have not been authenticated or authorized will be here. It will display the relevant information.


The main features of the application will be here.


REST API development.


Here is where access to the application is managed. Administrators may create other administrator, as well as users.


You need to install globally Composer and Bower for libraries management, both client and server libraries.

Clone it, and execute this:

$ git clone
$ composer install --prefer-dist
$ bower update
$ php app/console doctrine:database:create
$ php app/console doctrine:schema:create
$ php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load

You can arbitrarily execute this for local development, it will create sample data deleting the old:

$ php app/console sample:data


Execute for tests:

$ phpunit -c app/

It needs phpunit command.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not execute this in production environment. It will delete original data stored in linked database.

Code coverage of PHP automated tests (nightly build)


Feel free to contribute. You can fork the repository, make your own improvements and later make pull requests to this repository. There is a branch for each piece that has been divided the web application. If you don't know what to do you can browse the code and have more ideas there.

Please pass the tests before pushing.

Documentation (nightly build)

Browse for code style improvements (nightly build)


This is free-time project, for practice purposes only. It can be a serious project in the future. All contributions are welcome.

That's all, enjoy.