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from mininet.log import lg
import ipmininet
from ipmininet.cli import IPCLI
from ipmininet.ipnet import IPNet
from ipmininet.iptopo import IPTopo
"""This file contains a simple network topology"""
class SimpleTopo(IPTopo):
def build(self, *args, **kwargs):
The network topology is the following :
h1-- ra ---- rb ---- re -- h2
| | |
+----- rc -----+
ra = self.addRouter_v6('ra')
rb = self.addRouter_v6('rb')
rc = self.addRouter_v6('rc')
re = self.addRouter_v6('re')
self.addLink(ra, rb, params1={"ip": "2001:2345:7::a/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:7::b/64"}, igp_metric=5)
self.addLink(ra, rc, params1={"ip": "2001:2345:4::a/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:4::c/64"})
self.addLink(rb, rc, params1={"ip": "2001:2345:5::b/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:5::c/64"})
self.addLink(rb, re, params1={"ip": "2001:2345:6::b/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:6::e/64"}, igp_metric=5)
self.addLink(rc, re, params1={"ip": "2001:2345:3::c/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:3::e/64"})
self.addLink(ra, self.addHost('h1'),
params1={"ip": "2001:2345:1::a/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:1::1/64"})
self.addLink(re, self.addHost('h2'),
params1={"ip": "2001:2345:2::e/64"},
params2={"ip": "2001:2345:2::2/64"})
super(SimpleTopo, self).build(*args, **kwargs)
def addRouter_v6(self, name):
return self.addRouter(name, use_v4=False, use_v6=True)
ipmininet.DEBUG_FLAG = True
# Start network
net = IPNet(topo=SimpleTopo(), use_v4=False, allocate_IPs=False)