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change subclassOf assertion for 'germ line cell'

Per #587
@cmungall asked to remove the linkage between GLC and animal cell. I changed the superclass for 'germ line cell' to 'native cell'.

Addresses #587
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nicolevasilevsky committed Nov 1, 2019
1 parent 28cfa7e commit 73f90b042f80c0bfc03526fce162e32b9650dbdb
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/ontology/cl-edit.owl
@@ -3005,7 +3005,7 @@ AnnotationAssertion(oboInOwl:hasOBONamespace obo:CL_0000039 "cell"^^xsd:string)
AnnotationAssertion(oboInOwl:inSubset obo:CL_0000039 <>)
AnnotationAssertion(rdfs:comment obo:CL_0000039 "Originally this term had some plant germ line cell children."^^xsd:string)
AnnotationAssertion(rdfs:label obo:CL_0000039 "germ line cell"^^xsd:string)
SubClassOf(obo:CL_0000039 obo:CL_0000548)
SubClassOf(obo:CL_0000039 obo:CL_0000003)
SubClassOf(obo:CL_0000039 ObjectSomeValuesFrom(obo:RO_0002215 obo:GO_0022414))
DisjointClasses(obo:CL_0000039 obo:CL_0002371)

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