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cl ontology repository

To find out more, visit

 * The website -
 * The google code site -

  cl           Core public ontology release
                * pre-reasoned
                * subsets of external ontologies MIREOTed in

  cl-basic     Simple basic version of the ontology
                * pre-reasoned
                * NO external ontology terms and all inter-ontology links REMOVED

               Note that cl-basic.obo corresponds exactly with
               cell.obo in obo sourceforge CVS.

  cl-edit      Editors version of the ontology
               Currently this corresponds to the primary cell.edit.obo in obo sourceforge CVS
                * NOT pre-reasoned
                * subsets of external ontologies MIREOTed in

Note that .obo and .owl files are provided for each alternate
version. These should be semantically equivalent, and use the new
obo2owl translation


The following URLs should be used for the two release versions:


You will need:

* obo-scripts

  make sure the directory is in your PATH. E.g. if you cloned the above repo in your home dir, do this:

  export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/obo-scripts/"

  or for some shells:

  setenv PATH "$PATH:$HOME/obo-scripts/"

* obo2obo
  available as part of the OboEdit distribution.
  On OS X this will be in your Applications dir, so you would type:

  export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/OBO-Edit2"