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Uberon - a multi-species anatomy ontology

This repository contains the ontology source, and is primarily of relevance to Uberon editors/developers.

For an overview of the ontology, plus usage instructions on how to download the compiled versions of the ontology, please visit

A note on the taxonomic scope of Uberon

Uberon has a set of upper level terms that are universal. These are indicated with the common_anatomy tag. However, Uberon editors will not take requests for terms from outside of the Metazoa. Plant anatomy term requests should be directed to the PO, fungal anatomy terms to FAO.
Uberon also gives preference to anatomy term requests for vertebrates over invertebrates. Wherever possible term requesters are encouraged to work directly with existing invertebrate anatomy ontologies to get the terms they need.


This repository contains the editors version of the ontology (src/ontology/uberon-edit.obo), and the material required to make a release.

GitHub Actions Triggers

To trigger an automated human readable diff, add the following tag to a comment in your pull request: #gogoeditdiff


See the file README-editors.txt