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NT: lateral malleolus. todo: specify differentiae from distal epiphys…

…is. Fixes #155
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1 parent e662622 commit 3a994ce0d69ff1d3d1c36e17575ba55d02aa9807 @cmungall cmungall committed Nov 20, 2012
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@@ -100957,6 +100957,19 @@ intersection_of: UBERON:0004379 ! distal epiphysis
intersection_of: part_of UBERON:0001446 ! fibula
xref: SCTID:129111008 ! Epiphysis of distal fibula
+id: UBERON:0012291
+name: lateral malleolus of fibula
+synonym: "distal extremity of fibula" RELATED [Wikipedia:Malleolus#Lateral_malleolus]
+synonym: "external malleolus of fibula" RELATED [Wikipedia:Malleolus#Lateral_malleolus]
+synonym: "lateral malleolus" BROAD [FMA:35502]
+synonym: "fibular malleolus" RELATED []
+is_a: UBERON:0005913 ! zone of bone organ
+relationship: part_of UBERON:0004410 ! distal epiphysis of fibula
+xref: FMA:35502 ! lateral malleolus
+xref: SCTID:361795009 ! Entire lateral malleolus of fibula
+property_value: taxon_notes "In bovids, the distal end of the fibula is present only as the lateral malleolus, a separate bone that articulats with the lateral side of the distal tibia." xsd:string {scope="NCBITaxon:9895", source="UBERON:skansa", seeAlso="UBERON:0004410"}
id: UBERON:0004411
name: proximal epiphysis of humerus

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