Teleost term suggestions #659

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valvula cerebelli(UBERON:2000603) only_in Teleostei Taxon: 32443
teleosts have a valvula cerebelli, a structure not present in
other vertebrates PMID: 2040726

cerebellar nuclear complex(UBERON:0002130) never_in Teleostei Taxon: 32443
teleosts do not have central cerebellar nuclei
PMID: 2040726
In teleosts, the cerebellum lacks cerebellar nuclei. PMID: 17134989

{Not sure if this is the correct accession} nucleus lateralis valvulae(UBERON:2000551) only_in Teleostei Taxon: 32443
teleosts appear to have a peculiar
precerebellar nucleus lateralis valvulae not present in other
vertebrate groups PMID: 2040726

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