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urothelium vs transitional epithelium #92

cmungall opened this Issue Sep 20, 2012 · 0 comments


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cmungall commented Sep 20, 2012

Requires attention:

id: UBERON:0005910 ! transitional epithelium
name: transitional epithelium
def: "Multilaminar epithelium, which of consists of more than one layer of epithelial cells, in contact with a basement membrane, that can undergo distention and contraction without losing its integrity and consistency. Examples: urothelium.[FMA]" [FMA:63914, Wikipedia:Transitional_epithelium, FMA:FMA]
comment: see comments for urothelium
synonym: "epithelium transitionale" EXACT [FMA:63914]
synonym: "urothelium" NARROW [Wikipedia:Transitional_epithelium, EMAPA:28089]
xref: FMA:63914 ! transitional epithelium
xref: BTO:0003906 ! uroepithelium (also: UBERON:0000365 'urothelium')
xref: MESH:A.10.272.850 ! urothelium (also: UBERON:0000365 'urothelium')
is_a: UBERON:0005911 ! endo-epithelium
is_a: UBERON:0000486 ! multilaminar epithelium
xref: ncithesaurus:Transitional_Epithelium ! Transitional Epithelium (also: UBERON:0004645 'urinary bladder urothelium')
xref: SCTID:30117005 ! Transitional epithelium

id: UBERON:0011945 ! luminal layer of epithelium
name: luminal layer of epithelium
is_a: UBERON:0000119  ! cell layer
relationship: part_of UBERON:0000483 ! epithelium

id: UBERON:0011946
name: subluminal layer of epithelium
is_a: UBERON:0000119  ! cell layer
relationship: part_of UBERON:0000483 ! epithelium

id: UBERON:0000365 ! urothelium
name: urothelium
def: "The urothelium is the epithelial tissue layer that lines much of the urinary tract, including the renal pelvis, the ureters, the bladder, and parts of the urethra." [Wikipedia:Urothelium]
comment: consider merging with transitional epithelium. MA uses the label 'urothelium' exclusively. FMA uses 'transitional epithelium' and has 'urothelium' as a sibling. FMA also lists 'urothelium' as the only example of 'transitional epithelium'
synonym: "uroepithelium" EXACT [FMA:67695]
synonym: "transitional epithelium" BROAD INCONSISTENT []
xref: FMA:67695 ! Urothelium
xref: ncithesaurus:Urothelium ! Urothelium
xref: GAID:935 ! urothelium
xref: EMAPA:28089 ! urothelium
xref: MESH:A.10.272.850 ! urothelium (also: UBERON:0005910 'transitional epithelium')
xref: BTO:0003906 ! uroepithelium (also: UBERON:0005910 'transitional epithelium')
intersection_of: UBERON:0005910 ! transitional epithelium
intersection_of: part_of UBERON:0001008 ! urinary system
xref: SCTID:57789003 ! Urothelium

id: UBERON:0001254
name: urothelium of ureter
def: "the luminal epithelium of the tube that conducts the urine from the renal pelvis to the bladder[MP,unvetted]" [MP:0000535]
comment: AO notes: MP treats ureter urothelium and ureter luminal urothelium as exact synonyms, yes MA treats these as distinct; see also: transitional epithelium vs urothelium
synonym: "ureter transitional epithelium" EXACT []
synonym: "ureter urothelium" EXACT []
synonym: "ureter luminal urothelium" RELATED INCONSISTENT [MP:0000535]
synonym: "transitional epithelium of ureter" EXACT []
xref: FMA:15897 ! Transitional epithelium of ureter
xref: MA:0002655 ! ureter urothelium
intersection_of: UBERON:0000365 ! urothelium
intersection_of: part_of UBERON:0000056 ! ureter

id: UBERON:0011947
name: ureter luminal urothelium
intersection_of: UBERON:0011945 ! luminal layer of epithelium
intersection_of: part_of UBERON:0000056 ! ureter
relationship: part_of UBERON:0001254 ! urothelium of ureter
xref: MA:0002656 ! ureter luminal urothelium

@cmungall cmungall closed this in fc2f35f Jun 3, 2016

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