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uber-anatomy ontology
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attic reorganizing files
bridge prep build
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diffs prep build
docs veins and orbital fissures
examples Tutorial for issue #341
experimental added various muscle synonyms
ext-mappings docs
issues adding auto-generated contributor file
js rebuilt composite-metazoan, without fbbt domain.range constraints and…
mappings reorganizing files
md veins and orbital fissures
reference new
reports prep build
resources docs
scratch ensured transformation_of holds between all CT and mesenchymes. Note …
source-ontologies veins and orbital fissures
sparql Renaming rqs to sparql
subsets @ 1ac8494 releases/2013-10-09
util prep build
.gitmodules Reorganizing doc system.
.travis.yml added travis
Makefile make travis run reasoner to check
README-editors.txt new-release prep build Merged primordial meninx with future meninx. Addresses #253
basic-catalog.xml new
basic.obo prep build
catalog-v001.xml new-release
chebi_import.owl prep build
cl_import.owl prep build
composite-aba.obo This release sees the integration of the following ontologies (in add…
deleted_axioms.obo Removed dodgy syns: epencephalon-X
envo_import.owl releases/2013-11-05
external-disjoints.obo veins and orbital fissures
go_import.owl prep build
homology.owl regenerated without NOTs * various NTs to support logical definitions This release incorporates a first pass at organism subdivisions for
nbo_import.owl releases/2013-11-05
pato_import.owl prep build
pending-disjoints-core.obo veins and orbital fissures
pending-disjoints.obo prep build
project.owl documenting axiom annotations
purls.conf new
ro_import.owl prep build
rules.owl new
uberon-idranges.owl trish
uberon-simple-rel.obo new
uberon-taxmod-amniote.obo prep build
uberon-with-isa.obo prep build
uberon.obo prep build
uberon.references text def fixes using VSAO
uberon_edit-relations.tsv * various NTs to support logical definitions
uberon_edit.obo taxon nodes on latissimus dorsi insertion from RD. See #1192
void.ttl This release incorporates new terms and improvements to feeding muscl…

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Uberon is a multi-species anatomy ontology.

This repository contains the ontology source, and is primarily of relevance to Uberon editors/developers.

For an overview of the ontology, plus usage instructions on how to download the compiled versions of the ontology, please visit


This repository contains the editors version of the ontology (uberon_edit.obo), and the material required to make a release.


See the file README-editors.txt

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