Serous Membranes Design Pattern

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Design Pattern: Serous Membranes

Taxon notes: covers vertebrates

The JEPD part tree is as follows:

  • serous sac (a type of organ)
    • serous sac lumen (a type of anatomical cavity)
    • serous membrane (a type of multi-tissue structure)
      • mesothelium (a type of epithelium)
      • serous membane connective tissue (a type of connective tissue)

The mesothelium includes as parts serous glands, composed of serous secreting cells

The lumen may be a potential or actual space. When an actual space, typically consists of serous fluid secreted by the serous glands.

TODO: classify mesothelial-cell in CL

Visceral and parietal layers

Terminology note on cavities

It is sometimes ambiguous whether the term "X cavity" refers to the space between the visceral and parietal layers (sometimes potential), or more generally the lumen that contains "X".

Formally, terms like "pericardial cavity" and "pleural cavity" denote the former; however, I have seen instances where they mean the latter. For example, in ZFA "pericardial cavity" denotes the space containing the heart.

Consider naming these "X mesothelial cavity"